Warning Escort Genevieve Leigh Helping Sadistic Loser Rowland A Miller Harm Other Escorts!!!

She can hide her face but she can’t hide those tattoos and it won’t take me long to find out her real name and release that very soon.

If you are contacted by her or given her name as a reference to meet a man named Rowland Miller in Brooklyn NY, I would recommend you pass on that gig unless you want to be degraded/choked out for a night while being forced to sleep on a bed with filthy sheets that’s probably covered in all kinds of germs and shit, and after all that the guy Rowland Miller will pay you half of the money in counterfeit bills mixed in with real ones

She is not doing you any favor shes in on it, Word is he pays her for each girl she gets to she him

Her name is Genevieve Leigh using the number 510-697-1689 and website https://www.genevieveleigh.com

There is an open investigation with the NYPD on her and another escort Esme Wolfe see post regarding her

If you have any information regarding this women please contact the NYPD at 646-610-5000