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Esme Wolfe Closes Down Website And Turns Off Phone After Linked To Sadistic Man Rowland Miller

( After posting Of This Article Esme Wolfe has Closed Down Her Accounts, Website Has Disappeared )

If you are contacted by her or given her name as a reference to meet a man named Rowland Miller in Brooklyn NY, I would recommend you pass on that gig unless you want to be degraded/choked out for a night while being forced to sleep on a bed with filthy sheets that’s probably covered in all kinds of germs and shit, and after all that the guy Rowland Miller will pay you half of the money in counterfeit bills mixed in with real ones

She is not doing you any favor shes in on it, Word is he pays her for each girl she gets to she him

Her name is Esme Wolfe using the number 678-427-0048 and website

There is an open investigation with the NYPD on her and another escort Genevieve Leigh see post regarding her

If you have any information regarding this women please contact the NYPD at 646-610-5000

Warning Escort Genevieve Leigh Helping Sadistic Loser Rowland A Miller Harm Other Escorts!!!

She can hide her face but she can’t hide those tattoos and it won’t take me long to find out her real name and release that very soon.

If you are contacted by her or given her name as a reference to meet a man named Rowland Miller in Brooklyn NY, I would recommend you pass on that gig unless you want to be degraded/choked out for a night while being forced to sleep on a bed with filthy sheets that’s probably covered in all kinds of germs and shit, and after all that the guy Rowland Miller will pay you half of the money in counterfeit bills mixed in with real ones

She is not doing you any favor shes in on it, Word is he pays her for each girl she gets to she him

Her name is Genevieve Leigh using the number 510-697-1689 and website

There is an open investigation with the NYPD on her and another escort Esme Wolfe see post regarding her

If you have any information regarding this women please contact the NYPD at 646-610-5000


Tiffiany Tomera Runs Illegal Escort Company Out Of California

Tiffiany M Tomera born 05/22/1985 AKA Andrea ( Facebook page ) has been running an illegal escort company out of an office building located 21600 Oxnard Street Suite 1020 Woodland Hills, CA 91367 under the disguise of LVC services which claims to be a personal assistant service but what it really is, It is a cover for one of the biggest escort membership and sex for hire sites in California I mean come on LVC clearly stands for Le Vip Collection, Truth is she charges men a monthly membership fee in exchange she sets them up with girls for sex while handling the payments VIA credit card, Venmo, PayPal and then keeps $200 for every hour the girl was with the client, Or if you are a very busy girl you can pay her $2000 a month fee and keep everything you make from the client, and every 3nd Thursday she throws a meet and greet party for the guys that pay $50 can come meet the girls in person And if for any reason you don’t play ball with her she will get her male clients to write fake neg reviews about the girl and send out email blast telling her client list not to work with that girl, After looking at her long criminal history from drugs, calling in fake bomb threats and all the Tax liens she has for not paying her taxes how would anyone trust her with their credit card info let alone a girl trusting she will actually get paid, Well that brings up another issue with her we have already had three escorts come forward stating she ripped them off of thousands of dollars saying the client did a charge back on his credit card, I’m sure there was never any charge backs she just needed the money to pay off her tax liens Maybe her lawyer she has already threatened me with should tell her excepting money or taking money from a girl that was sent to have sax with a man for money is a crime and makes you a pimp, I guess she thinks that NDA she has girls sign will keep her out of jail, Well I never signed one 🙂

Lets list the crimes here

#1 lying to the IRS on how she really makes her money

#2 lying to the City when she got her business licenses

#3 lying to the state when she filed her corporation papers

#4 sending girls to have sex with men for money then taking a cut of said money

#5 having sex parties where she takes a fee from the men and an hour fee from the girls

#6 Charging the male clients the girls fee’s before hand and then paying the girls afterwards minus her pimp fee

I mean damn i can go on and on with how much illegal shit she’s doing and to open herself up for someone to start digging into her operations is beyond me

This lady has no idea the storm about to fall on her in the coming weeks

If you have been scammed, Harassed, Or have more information in regards to this persons illegal activity please contact the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office at

211 West Temple Street
Suite 900
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Phone: (213) 257-2050

They have already been made aware of this matter

Arrest Info

Case Number: CF-2005-00465A Case Filing Date: 06/22/2005

State Of Origin: Oklahoma


Case Number: M-0844-CR-200601579 Case Filing Date: 07/02/2006

State Of Origin: Arizona



Lawsuits, Liens or Bankruptcies

Case Type: Liens/Judgement Type: STATE TAX LIEN Origin Filing Date: 09/12/2018 Agency State: CA Irs Serial Number: Info Pending…Origin Filing Number: Info Pending…Filings Number: 20180930790Amount: $2072.00 Agency: LA COUNTY / RECORDER OF DEEDS Agency County: LOS ANGELES

Case Type: Liens/Judgement Type: STATE TAX LIEN Origin Filing Date: 09/14/2016Agency State: CA Irs Serial Number: Info Pending…Origin Filing Number: Info Pending… Filings Number: 20161104472Amount: $2944.00 Agency: LA COUNTY / RECORDER OF DEEDS Agency County: LOS ANGELES

Case Type: Liens/Judgement Type: FEDERAL TAX LIEN Origin Filing Date: 05/05/2014Agency State: CA Irs Serial Number: 996828614Origin Filing Number: Info Pending…Filings Number: 20140461873Amount: $30,480.00 Agency: LA COUNTY / RECORDER OF DEEDS Agency County: LOS ANGELES

Case Type: Liens/Judgement Type: CIVIL JUDGMENT Origin Filing Date: 08/15/2007Agency State: CA Irs Serial Number: Info Pending…Origin Filing Number: Info Pending…Filings Number: UDRS701226Amount: $1765.00 Agency: RANCHO CUCAMONGA MUN-SAN BERNARDINO Agency County: SAN BERNARDINO

Everything posted on here has been backed up by sources, copies of emails forwarded to us, and all personal information was public record already available for anyone to look up

Beware Of Lawyer Robert Erich Schulenberg

A source has come forward in regards to a client named Robert Erich Schulenberg who claims he lives in New York but is actually a lawyer out of Virginia. This psychopath has hired MULTIPLE escorts, and cancelled last minute on each one refusing to pay their cancellation fees. To make matters worse, the jackass actually has the nerve to leave the escorts he’s fucked over bad reviews to try and make it look like they were at fault. Is this really the kind of man you want representing you in court? I think not. But wait, it gets better. This fucking IDIOT has already had his license to practice law suspended once in 2000 and he just got it back in 2019. Not a good time to harass hookers if you ask me. He’s using the email and phone 7033443410. Whats even more hilarious is the fact that when you google his phone number a scam alert left by other providers who have clearly been fucked over by him pops up. He also has two reviews for cancelling last minute on other girls saying what a psychopath he is. Also when you google his number it directs you right to the law firm he works for. Reed smith/Techlaw. I’m sure they will be thrilled to know what their lawyers do in their free time or even the state bar that holds his license

Instagram Sleeze Bag Yayo Snaps Aka Diego Morales Exposed!!!

It has been brought to our attention that this loser Diego Morales AKA Yayo Snaps has been taking pictures of models telling them it is for trade shoots and they will get copies of the pictures, But during the photo shoot he will insist that they shoot nude for him in public places or do some adult videos for his onlyfans page and will get an attitude when the models refuse, Then he will say okay how about implied nudes then just so he can snap pictures before the model has a chance to cover herself up to pose for the shoot, And now lets get to the part when the models ask for the pictures, If you did the nude pictures and videos for him good chance you will receive your pictures, Now for the girls that refused and get upset over him taking pictures of them nude when they are changing positions they won’t be getting anything but excuses that the files were lost, or his hard drive failed or his daughter deleted them ( why is his daughter having accesses to naked adult pictures is something i guess CPS can find out ) Sometimes you will be lucky and he will recover said lost files only to give you the option to pay his $700 rate or fuck him in exchange for the pictures. This is not how trade work goes, It is a model giving her time to a photographer in exchange for the pictures. I will be updating this post with screenshots from number of girls that have came forward against this sexual predator that is to fat to get a girl to fuck him without blackmailing them into it, I wonder how his wife Joanna Moralesfeels about him out getting his dick sucked at these photo shoots location things while she is the hard working one paying the bills?

Catalina Ospina — Biggest slore in Vegas!

This basic bitch moved to Vegas from a tiny, shit hole town to pursue her super ambitious dreams of becoming a poolside cocktail waitress 😂 She slept with several managers in exchange for a job, but now that she’s gaining weight and pushing 30, she decided to settle down with a sugar daddy twice her age because the pools won’t hire her anymore. Unfortunately for her, the competition in Vegas in fierce even for sugar babies, so she had to settle for some lowlife poker player. His name is Jason Sample) who can only afford to buy her dinner maybe twice a month. He doesn’t even make enough to support her drug habit (everyone in the industry knows she’s heavy into pepsi and molly). The real end game for her here, though, is to get a ring from this loser so she can get her green card and move on to the next sucker. He cheated on her a few times while she was visiting her family in Columbia but she doesn’t care because she’s a home wrecker herself (and again.. she’s trying to become an American citizen, so she’ll put up with anything at this point). Most of the managers she slept with were married, and one of them even had to get a divorce because this floozy is messy af and the wife found out. BAM! 2 kids left without a father.. but at least she got the job, right? Haha sort of..! She was fired after 2 months of working because she sucks at cocktailing almost as much as she sucks dick.

Porn Star Stefania Mafra Helps Sadistic Loser Rowland Miller Secretly Record Girls

Porn Star Stefania Mafra spends weekend in Brooklyn New York staying with Rowland Miller booking other escorts to come over for the night while secretly recording them without their knowledge having sex and sleeping. Then the next day paying the girls with counterfeit bills mixed in with real ones. I contacted her giving her the benefit of the doubt that she didn’t know what was going on, But her response was the videos can’t be put online unless a release form was signed, So who cares if girls are being recorded secretly as long as he can’t use it online its no big deal. Wow i wonder how she would feel if her real name and address was released to all her fans wouldn’t be cool right?

She may have to answer for this though cause after two of the girls found out what happen thanks to Rowland sharing the videos and pictures with others they went to the NYPD and now there is an open investigation into the matter.

I think she might be trying to be the next Trinity St Clair

If either of these two contact you it would be smart to stay clear of them both.

If you have any information regarding these two people please contact the NYPD at 646-610-5000

Lying Ass Jazmin Lopez AKA Jazzy Jamison Needs A Snickers Bar If She Plans To Pay Rent!!!

So i get an email today from this chick Jazmin Lopez Telling me she has to pay rent by Friday and if i could use her for some work, I said yeah i can get you on Friday no problem just text me, So she texted me while I was on a business call so I emailed her I would text her when I was done, Well when I texted her back she say’s who is this and I told her this is Lloyd Platinum you wanted to do some work for me, Well I guess cause I didn’t word it right I’m taking it her BF who can’t afford to pay their rent texted me back talking all kinds of shit and calling me a pimp, LOL 

1723_7CLXNDe3Q1cTuq4fJ8g4OO0ci(2) 1723_fdz5ACKL6H1P3yrjtZjX5uXb

1723_IgeUgJiZq1PB7J8qnpK868T67 1723_0QA8HQuB7669ugtjiRlytfj4

And on top of that she tells me she is 20 years old to find out she was born in 1988, I guess on top of being rude as fuck to someone paying her she doesn’t know how to do math either!!!

IMG_2318 IMG_2319

I guess we know why she can’t pay her rent now, Who wants to deal with someone talking to you like that when they are the one needing money

IMG_2972 IMG_2973

If you are contacted by this chick beware she is a lot older then 20 years old and these are old ass pictures


Did Plush Talent Owner Scott Ohanian AKA Scottie Platinum Help Bully Alyssa Funke Into Killing Herself


We have all heard the stories and seen the evidence of him supplying models with drugs, making them sleep in his bed or they won’t get work, tricks them into filming custom videos only to be told the client never paid him for it and all the many other scams her runs on models, So here is something new to add to the long list of how much of a scumbag he is. 

Back in March Of 2014 , Scottie Platinum owner of Plush Talent @plushtalent sent 19 yr old Stella Ann AKA Alyssa Funke to film with me, She did two shoots for me over a span of three days, She was cool laid back happy person full of life and we became friends outside of the industry and she had made plans to come back to Vegas for her next vacation during school break, She was one of the few girls that really meant it when she was doing porn to pay for college, Scottie had filled her head with her being the next big star and promised her she would make millions in the industry as long as she was with him,  Scottie would call me and brag about her and how she was his girlfriend and how great she was in bed but it didn’t take long for the scumbag to turn on her, When her Porn Pros scene came out everyone in her school started bullying her and calling her names, Days before she committed suicide she called me crying that she told Scottie she didn’t want to do porn anymore and if he could contact the companies she filmed for and ask if she could buy the content back from them, She stated he told her no and that he already had tons of bookings for her and if she didn’t show up she would be breaking her contract with him and he would sue her for $100,000, She kept going on how she didn’t have that kind of money and couldn’t do porn anymore, I told her no judge would side with a scumbag trying to force a girl to have sex for money against her will, He kept threatening her with his New York lawyer and on April 16 2014 she killed herself, The media played it out as the students drove her to it but they were never told about the threats coming from Scottie Platinum, From my phone conversations with her she was not worried about the students all that much she was worried about the $100,000 Scottie was demanding from her and how she wouldn’t be able to afford college anymore.

Jessica Born AKA Jessie Blush And Her Man Bucky Howard AKA Shotty Are Such A Joke




I used to be this girl’s friend until she started shoving dildos in her ass for money.  She acts like all she does is be a cam whore but on the low she picks up Johns around LV hotels for extra cash. Her boyfriend is a douche bag who pretends he’s a famous rapper but in reality he cant even sell 5 tickets to his shows. They used to hit me up all the time to help sell his tickets because nobody was actually going. They claimed they bought a house but they actually rented it until they got evicted.  Now they live in a run down apartment and can barely make ends meet, but renting fancy cars and stuff to keep up appearances.

You can find her in action on ,


Why Does Kelly Shea, Bucky Howard’s Ex Girlfriend Look Like A Tranny Now


I was hanging out in Vegas and I ran into Kelly Shea. You know the girl who is really a stripper at Crazy Horse 3 but thinks she’s a model? She use to be really sexy and hot but now she is all tatted up with +2’s that look like she went to the worst plastic surgeon in Mexico to get them done but the kicker is that now she looks like she has a huge Greg. She looks disgusting now. I can’t believe Bucky Howard aka Shotty was fucking this

Escort Sabrina Nellie Put On Blast By Her Own Little Sister

Cql6KqKUkAE6dC-.jpg large 99234lsadf-728x510

Escort Sabrina lies to her rabid fan girls and they have all been dumb enough to believe she’s an actual good mother well it’s finally come out from her own family that not only did she ditched her daughter with her mother and little sister but her son also sees her maybe once a year and lives with his biological father. Meanwhile her idiot ass is busy trying to get pregnant by her this week Bf who also has a child he barely sees. What can we do to force these people to be sterilized it’s pathetic and disgusting! @sabrina_nellie_



American Hating P4P Girl Tricia Evans Needs To Leave Vegas

tricia_evans_hate_1CNLlExWWwAAxhE4.jpg largeCF9p8jMUEAA7ROH.jpg largeCJDF2dKUkAA4WnL.jpg large

So this Skank Tricia Evans hates America, our service man and wants to wipe her ass with our Flag, and brags how hard she works, Sorry but laying on your back while being fucked by old rich dudes is not hard work, I don’t think you will ever know what hard work really is until you are old and no man is interested in paying for that beat up pussy, We will not be sad when you leave, Vegas will be down one less drug using dirty skank,

More on this whore here

Don’t Waste Your Money Booking Amy Nicole


Amy Nicole is a dead lay. I booked her for a night while in town. I have been a fan of hers for a while now. She made me go through all this background check BS and then the night sucked. I was lead to believe it would be all night but she left after 4 hours. She kept watching the clock and wouldnt perform certain favors that are pretty much guarenteed with this sort of thing. I messaged her after and told her that things didnt go as I thought and she went off and started insulting me then blocked me. Beware of this girl. She is a bitch and a dead lay.

Lloyd Platinum, I just want to play with her boobs

Is Queen Karma A Pornstar Or Just Some Chick Her Hubby Gets Off Watching Other Guys Fuck Her?

image4image3image2image2 (2)

So a little about myself. I’m 30, 5’1″, 125lbs asian/white mix. I have an athletic body, tattoos and a half shaven hairstyle.
Im a webcammer, I perform live sex shows for people via the internet. Stage name Queen Karma, hence the tag in some of my photos. Usually by myself but sometimes with my husband for requested boy/girl scenes. Nothing professional, only performing sex scenes online everyday, then on occasion we perform “LIVE” scenes for other private parties, photographers etc. Sometimes clients involved. Needless to say very open and I’m comfortable doin damn near anything.
I do just everything from glamour, nude, to hard XXX. From solo to gangbangs, I do it all.
I’m not a pro or an escort, just a girl that loves performing/modeling.
Not many limitations. If you’re okay with my hubby taggin along as an escort I’m down to do whatever you need.
 Lloyd Platinum, Can She Bring Her Hubby Along? What Kind Of Business Do You Think We Run Here? Would He Like You To Kiss Him When You Are Finished Also?

Local What Ever She Claims To Be Lindsey Lee


I do have experience doing adult work. Vids in particular. I’ve done Solo, girl/girl and a few fetish films. Never done b/g but I’m up for it. I was a dancer for a few years, done a ton of glam modeling. I’m drama free, drug free and very comfortable being sexy on cam, I’ve enclosed some pics, I’m blonde at the mo but can go back red if need be. let me know if you’re interested

Lloyd Platinum, Drug Free? Yeah I don’t think so, She would have been a great add to our website, but like these sluts in Vegas you can never depend on them showing up

Rhino Stripper Lying About What She Really Does For A Living


Here’s one for you, this girl Nikita Penalosa that goes by Niki Pea on Instagram.  She tells all her fans she is a huge model out of California, but truth is she has always been a pay for play girl who use to run around with three other Asian girls Roxy Ayala, Jelly Ranger and Lily Figuera in California working for some white guy that was always with them.  This white pimp they had found a legal way to pimp these Asian girls out by calling them pornstars and saying you could book one on one private video scenes with them in exchange for money… Now that she’s older and no longer has that tiny Asian body, she lives right here in Las Vegas working at the Rhino Strip Club and selling her used panties on Ebay, while begging her fans on FB and IG to send her money to her PO Box.  Sad, sad life.

Alisha Schweizer’s New Post-Jail Look


Vegas’s favorite P4P girlfriend got very mad at the old pictures you posted of her when she was arrested for prostitution/solicitation in April. She’s going to sue you, whores have more money than sense. She hired a makeup girl and a professional photographer to redo her look. The time she spent in Clark County Detention Center had an effect on her, check out the cuffs. Her boyfriend in Vegas who is an air traffic controller at McCarran likes it. All his Navy swabbies thinks he scored. What do you think of the new Alisha Schweizer?

Lloyd Platinum, Damn with all the hot girls in Las Vegas why would anyone pay her