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Beware Of Lawyer Robert Erich Schulenberg

A source has come forward in regards to a client named Robert Erich Schulenberg who claims he lives in New York but is actually a lawyer out of Virginia. This psychopath has hired MULTIPLE escorts, and cancelled last minute on each one refusing to pay their cancellation fees. To make matters worse, the jackass actually has the nerve to leave the escorts he’s fucked over bad reviews to try and make it look like they were at fault. Is this really the kind of man you want representing you in court? I think not. But wait, it gets better. This fucking IDIOT has already had his license to practice law suspended once in 2000 and he just got it back in 2019. Not a good time to harass hookers if you ask me. He’s using the email erichschulenberg@gmail.com and phone 7033443410. Whats even more hilarious is the fact that when you google his phone number a scam alert left by other providers who have clearly been fucked over by him pops up. He also has two reviews for cancelling last minute on other girls saying what a psychopath he is. Also when you google his number it directs you right to the law firm he works for. Reed smith/Techlaw. I’m sure they will be thrilled to know what their lawyers do in their free time or even the state bar that holds his license

Did Plush Talent Owner Scott Ohanian AKA Scottie Platinum Help Bully Alyssa Funke Into Killing Herself


We have all heard the stories and seen the evidence of him supplying models with drugs, making them sleep in his bed or they won’t get work, tricks them into filming custom videos only to be told the client never paid him for it and all the many other scams her runs on models, So here is something new to add to the long list of how much of a scumbag he is. 

Back in March Of 2014 , Scottie Platinum owner of Plush Talent @plushtalent sent 19 yr old Stella Ann AKA Alyssa Funke to film with me, She did two shoots for me over a span of three days, She was cool laid back happy person full of life and we became friends outside of the industry and she had made plans to come back to Vegas for her next vacation during school break, She was one of the few girls that really meant it when she was doing porn to pay for college, Scottie had filled her head with her being the next big star and promised her she would make millions in the industry as long as she was with him,  Scottie would call me and brag about her and how she was his girlfriend and how great she was in bed but it didn’t take long for the scumbag to turn on her, When her Porn Pros scene came out everyone in her school started bullying her and calling her names, Days before she committed suicide she called me crying that she told Scottie she didn’t want to do porn anymore and if he could contact the companies she filmed for and ask if she could buy the content back from them, She stated he told her no and that he already had tons of bookings for her and if she didn’t show up she would be breaking her contract with him and he would sue her for $100,000, She kept going on how she didn’t have that kind of money and couldn’t do porn anymore, I told her no judge would side with a scumbag trying to force a girl to have sex for money against her will, He kept threatening her with his New York lawyer and on April 16 2014 she killed herself, The media played it out as the students drove her to it but they were never told about the threats coming from Scottie Platinum, From my phone conversations with her she was not worried about the students all that much she was worried about the $100,000 Scottie was demanding from her and how she wouldn’t be able to afford college anymore.