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Warrant Issued On Crazy Cyber Stalker Franklin B Rush

I have been saying this for over a month now that a warrant would be issued for this guys arrest and so has Farrah Valentine but everyone believed this guy was some victim and i was attacking him for no reason cause the real stalker was Casey Beal, Even when I traced him to the @immoralcasey twitter account and it just happened the same IP address was also being logged in on his personal twitter account @laman352014 which is @LAchaturbater now, Even with all the evidence stacked up against him and the Sheriff department confirming this by issuing a warrant for his arrest he still says he is not the stalker and this Casey Beal made it look like it was him, He even made a blog ( see link below ) accusing me of being Casey Beal the stalker,  I guess in his sick head he justifies his actions because he feels Farrah Valentine owes him money cause with all the spoiling he did on her she still rejected him romantically, Every webcam girl makes i living off of guys like him sending them tokens or money so they can make a living, Its a game nothing more young hot girls giving old guys the fantasy they could be young again by spoiling young girls with gifts and money, It doesn’t give them the right to stalk and release their personal information along with harassing their families and loved ones because of it, We have Civil courts for that if you feel you were wronged or taken advantage of then sue the person in civil court. plain and simple


He claims he is the one being stalked and harassed by Farrah Valentine but even tho she has him blocked he knows everything she post on twitter, facebook and within minutes of her posting something that he is not even tagged in he makes a post on one of his twitter pages about it, So how she be stalking and harassing you when he is always tagging her and talking shit about her post. Like i said dude is crazy you can’t stalk someone with a fake page and then call them a stalker when they have you blocked

This man Franklin Rush made the mistake of coming after me personally when Farrah Valentine filmed for me and no matter how much he screamed and stomped his feet about how only whores film for me and filming for my company would ruin her name in the industry, He even made up fake emails saying they were from known photographers telling her not to work for me that it would damage her image, She still came to Las Vegas to film for me, He didn’t take this to well and started stalking and harassing me, he recorded one of my live webcam shows and got his hands on some photo sets I took of Farrah Valentine and started posting it all over his many fake accounts which he learned was a bad idea real quick cause I had them all shut down within hours, So now this dude has lost all is fake twitter accounts, Dropbox, Snapchat, Tumblr, Facebook and has a warrant out for his arrest because he just couldn’t let the fantasy of being with this girl go and fucking with me. 

The text this creep sent to me regarding a live cam show i did with the love of his life.

Here is just one of the places where he posted my video and pictures the worst mistake he ever did

Also Note since my first post on this loser and let him know I traced him to all the fake accounts on twitter he made pretending to be Bradley Soileau , Farrah Valentine , Casey Beal , Serenity Haze , The so called Stalker Casey Beal has not been heard from since but Franklin Rush has came out of the shadows and is now openly admitting to watching our every move

Farrah Valentine Stalker Franklin Rush Confesses His Love For Her On Facebook!!!

After many people came to his defense saying he doesn’t want anything to with her and my previous post was not true even though I showed more then enough proof he was the one catfishing her pretending to be a guy in the military. see post here  http://gossip.exposedwhores.com/wannabe-webcam-promoter-franklin-b-rush-gets-exposed-as-bradley-soileau-who-is-stalking-farrah-valentine/

This guy is sick and never gives up even after the police have told him to leave her alone he just keeps coming, It’s just a matter of time before he snaps and does something stupid

Now lets see what those same people have to say when they read his love confession I’m posting on here now.


Wannabe Webcam Promoter Franklin B Rush Gets Exposed As Bradley Soileau Who Is Stalking Farrah Valentine!!!

Beware this guy falls in love with webcam girls, porn stars and when they finally tell him they won’t be with him sexually he starts to release their personal info and phone numbers to their fans and family, He has been linked to Michael Snoreen & John Tally who was stalking other girls on twitter and sending their under age family members their porn videos https://openpasts.com/publicrecord/michael-snoreen/1701191015710510 Down below i will out line all the proof i have to show you this man is dangerous and should stay clear of him

Franklin B Rush, DOB 03/10/1975 , LA Diver License #008160108

1540 Campground rd, Lancaster Ohio 43130

Phone Number 318-404-5879

He drives for Panther Premium Logistics in a white box van where he has a bed in back cause he as nowhere to live, Can you imagine all those peoples addresses he has accesses, WOW

Also Note when I’m not filming or writing blogs I am a certified cyber security specialist and I have traced this guy Franklin to all of the fake accounts he made on twitter to harass models using fake accounts.

Franklin Rush feel in love with Farrah Valentine about a year and half ago while she was in the porn industry and decided he didn’t want her doing it anymore so he came up with a plan to make fake twitter and facebook accounts under her stage name attacking other models and companies so no one else would ever work with her, I was asked by a friend and explained the story so i agreed to see who was really behind all of this accounts under Farrah Valentine names and I ended up tracing them all right back to this guy Franklin Rush who Farrah Valentine called a friend and trusted. The worst of the accounts is this account under the name Bradley Soileau @thisnotjeff where he catfished her pretending to a guy in the military who was stationed overseas, Piece of shit pretending to a be a veteran right? The dumb fucktard made a huge mistake when he decided to send her a piece of paper and post it on twitter with her name and date on it to prove to her he is real but he made one huge mistake he got his hand in the picture, This guy has nasty old looking hands with long finger nails so you can’t miss them, And when she called him on being a fake person and stopped talking to him he started harassing, posting her ID’s, Medical records, photo shopped pictures with her fucking black guys and dogs, This guy already has an arrest warrant being filed for his arrest thanks to all the evidence i was able to collect on him, He is also using one of his model Friends Kent & Ana @kentandanaxxx to keep an eye on Farrah Valentine since she has blocked him on all social media, He also had them record a webcam show i did and then texted it to me laughing about my show. More post coming about Kent & Ana soon!!!

This dude Franklin Rush even made a blog page about how he was in love with Farrah valentine and how he was beat up and almost killed and robbed by her stalker Casey Beal, BTW Franklin Rush is Casey Beal @immoralcasey2 but that is another story coming soon see this blog Frank wrote while pretending to be this Bradley dude http://bradsbloggerfl.blogspot.com/ 

It seems when he runs the fake account and is ready to move on he kills the character off, He should have written movies instead of stalking young girls

Now lets look at the famous piece of paper

Now lets take a look at some of Franks pictures with his hand in them

I don’t know about you but they look the same to me, Right after i traced this account https://twitter.com/thisnotjeff to him he changed it to say hacked right away and has locked all the other accounts to hide the tweets, But he doesn’t know twitter keeps logs and we have already received those back confirming my work it was him running all of them.

If this guy is helping promote you or anything like that he is recording your shows and will post them on free sites and send them to your family members sooner or later, He tried doing the same thing to me but found out that was a mistake i had his snapchat account he used for it, his tumblr accounts, facebook accounts, and 5 twitter accounts all closed within 48 hours

You have been warned!!!