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Beware Of Lawyer Robert Erich Schulenberg

A source has come forward in regards to a client named Robert Erich Schulenberg who claims he lives in New York but is actually a lawyer out of Virginia. This psychopath has hired MULTIPLE escorts, and cancelled last minute on each one refusing to pay their cancellation fees. To make matters worse, the jackass actually has the nerve to leave the escorts he’s fucked over bad reviews to try and make it look like they were at fault. Is this really the kind of man you want representing you in court? I think not. But wait, it gets better. This fucking IDIOT has already had his license to practice law suspended once in 2000 and he just got it back in 2019. Not a good time to harass hookers if you ask me. He’s using the email erichschulenberg@gmail.com and phone 7033443410. Whats even more hilarious is the fact that when you google his phone number a scam alert left by other providers who have clearly been fucked over by him pops up. He also has two reviews for cancelling last minute on other girls saying what a psychopath he is. Also when you google his number it directs you right to the law firm he works for. Reed smith/Techlaw. I’m sure they will be thrilled to know what their lawyers do in their free time or even the state bar that holds his license